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If your company fails to connect with your demographics and how relate to the products and services, the numbers will show.  Your brand is how they feel about you.  We’ll help you build this bridge. 

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We design you a reputation, a symbol, and a result that best expresses the gut feelings of your targeted demographics individually, and collectively about your company.

Connell Brothers Expands
Manufacturing Capability In Asia

Core Ingredients Pte Ltd. manufactures and distributes chemicals. The company is based in Singapore. Core Ingredients Pte Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Connell Bros. Company Ltd.

SINGAPORE, Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Connell Bros. Co. LLC (CBC), a division of Wilbur-Ellis and the largest marketer and distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients in Asia-Pacific, approached Media Intentions to create a brand for a newly acquired manufacturing and distribution company with headquarters located in Singapore.

Media Intentions began this project by conducting numerous remote meetings with CBC to discuss the nature of the new company, understand the demographics, analyze the context, and understand the content in-order to create a new culture that best reflects the very spirit of the company.   As a result of taking part with this project a brand along with brand guidelines, brochures, logos, font style conventions, videos, and flyers were created.

The Nature of A Brand

The thoughts and feelings written on the rainbow between the demographics and the company is the spirit of a brand.

Chico’s Painting company in Austin Texas. painted 1000+ houses in 1 year. After meeting with the company owner Chico, he shared a story about his life path that led him to creating a successful company.   He mentioned that he grew up in Mexico on a pineapple farm; how the experience gifted him wisdom of work integrity.  He incorporated his knowledge of creating a team that empowered his company to paint over a thousand homes in just one year.

Media Intentions created him a brand that brought together Austin, pineapple, and the paint brush.  The colors selected were white, black, and gold for that sheik and cutting edge look & feel.

Wear My Springs is a clothing and apparel brand.

After 15 years of drawing patterns from local nature, there was a need to create a brand for a new fashion company with the goal of sharing the stories of local nature with art on cloths and apparel.

Clear Vista Realty, a real estate and property management company since 1995.

Back in 2010 Buono & Associates contacted us to design a new brand for their property management company. After a few meetings with the company president, we saw that his eyes know how to open doors to his clients.  Therefore we came with the name “Clear Vista Realty”.

This brand included a new company name, logo, and website that helped business growth.  After 10 years, it was time to rebrand the company to expand further across other states.

After many meetings discussing the business and demographics, we designed a new brand that uses the latest website technology designed for content development and expandable for PC’s and mobile devices.



Fox Serivce Company Brand

Created the second brand for Fox Service Company.  The brand strategy was focused on making the website more personable and people friendly by showing images of the people on the job and also adding a knowledge base to help educate the public and also make it easier for them to choose to ask for help.  Over 10 years of support helped increase business and place Fox Service Company higher on the competition ratings.


There is a vibe in need of transmission. Create it!

A compelling logo for an Acupuncture clinic.

A workplace investigation services conducted by an attorney with years of experience.

A sweet delicious brand for a
phenomenal bakery in Austin Texas.

This brand was designed to connected to the gut feelings of future clients, pun intended.  Based on content, context, and client analysis, an entire look & feel was created leading to a  successful  business with over 10 years of solid business that beat competition such as the HEB bakery across the street among other bakeries in the 2 mile radius.

The attractive and innovative website alone drove 85% of the business.  With an extensive and well categorized cake gallery of over 10,000 images, customers were able to send a specific cake design to the bakery making the turn-around a far more efficient and creative process.

A Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Company

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